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New Layout

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I have two Spotify accounts. Both only have a FREE subscription. One of the accounts only has 3 buttons at the bottom (+ premium), while the other has the standard 5. I switched to the 5 button account to the 3 button account because more of my playlists are there, my entire music catalogue is there and it’s just easier for me. However, I really dislike the new layout. It completely over complicates everything. It’s not user friendly at all. Especially not for new users. I’ve used Spotify for the past 4 years and every update has been an improvement, until the most recent.


I was wondering if there was a way to choose the preferred layout, and if it, can the designers please implement this function.


I miss the user friendly layout and seriously hope the company does not choose to fully go through with it. If so, I may be forced to not use it on my iOS devices anymore. The previous layout was perfect and I hope that it does not change.


I really hope that Spotify does not turn into Snapchat in regards to layout and user friendliness.

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