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spotify deletes downloaded music

What happens:

- When in offline mode, I can only play a few songs from the ones I dowloaded or none at all. If I try to play another song the program remains quiet and shows 0:00 as position.

- When restarting the app then, I have to log in again and all the of music is gone.

- When trying the redownload songs, the songs are immediatly shown as downloaded, without the program spending any time really downloading them.


Additional info:

- I'm logging in in a Spotify Premium Acount.

- Sony Z2, Android 6.0.1

- 128GB memory card

- Only device I'm using Spotify with.

- I have the newest version of the App


What I've tried:

- delete all the the devices in the Offline-Device-List

- restart the app

- switch the Device off and on

- clean resinstall the app

- redownload the App via Google-Play-Store


Is there there any email adress for a spotify support?

Who Me Too'd this topic