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Auto populate playlist name from artist/album on Android

(This functionality used to work)

On andriod, when I select an album I want to save as a playlist, and choose "Add to Playlist". I see a list of my existing playlists, and at the top "New Playlist" button - this then opens a dialog box "give your playlist a name" - which is BLANK. To now go and type "Armin Van Buuren - A State of Trance Episode 200 Featuring ...." on a mobile phone is annoying enough to consider cancelling my premium subscription.

On windows the playlist automatically populates the artist/album name - this used to be the case on Andriod, but the interface changed. I mostly use my mobile with Spotify. Any advice/help with this? Can I raise I case with the product team? Photos showing the issue attached.

Who Me Too'd this topic