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Trying to connect Spotify to Facebook error

I've been trying to connect my Spotify with my Facebook for months now. That button on the settings, both on the phone and on the PC does not work. It did give me a window, but I had to do the trick with Windows short cut keys to move it to make it appear on my screen at all, because it was not on the task bar, when alt tabbing it didn't appear either, so I had to move it and center it on the screen.

I've looked up this issue multiple times, I keep seeing this link.
But when I open it, it says "This Form has expired, please reload the page and try again." So that link is not going to help me at all. When I try doing Login with Facebook, it says that I don't have a spotify account connected to my Facebook account even after I connected it to my facebook when I did the shortcut trick. Any other ideas? Because I used this spotify account on my previous Facebook account that I deleted a year ago, and I feel that could be the issue, but that account's gone, and I can't connect it to this new one.

Who Me Too'd this topic