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Can't play specific song in playlist filter

This issue started last night out of no where. When I filter songs and choose the first song in the filtered list, it will not play the selected song. Instead, the first song on my playlist with the added filter will start playing. If I choose the second song on the filtered list, the second song on my playlist plays instead and so on.  Also, the app will not retain the shuffle status once I select a different song to play. 


I have tried deleting the cache, delete the app, remove all offline devices, and log off of all devices. However, nothing has worked.  


Edit: I have come to notice that the filter issue only affects my old playlists. If I create a new playlist and add songs to it, I can filter and play the selected song just fine. I have tried deleting and restoring my old playlists, but that did not help. 

Who Me Too'd this topic