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Web Player Freezing

Casual Listener

So I am having troubles with Spotify Web Player. I have not had trouble before until now. 


I try to play a song and after so many seconds it just freezes and wont play. My internet is just fine so it isnt my connection. Example: I click on a song, it plays for about 30 seconds. It then stops and wont play for so long then sometimes it will play a couple more seconds and stops again. Today I havent been able to finish one song because I have to refresh the web player. 


I have tried logging out of everything, closing Chrome, allowing ads on Web Player, and uninstalled Spotify on my desktop. Desktop Spotify was causing me troubles too with crashing my entire computer awhile back and that is why I started using Web Player. 


I should mention that most of the time im just sitting on my computer and it will do this.

Who Me Too'd this topic