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Why is my discover weekly changing multiple times per week?






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 I save my discover weekly each week to keep a record of each playlist, as I often enjoy the playlist and go back to listen to each one, and I often enjoy shuffling the playlist folder to have a large bank of songs to shuffle.

However, for the past month or so, the playlist has been updating multiple times per week - usually on wednesday but it varies. 

This isn't a huge problem as I save the playlists pretty swiftly after they update, but it could still cause me to lose one if I wasn't on the ball, or if this is happening to other people, could cause them to lose a playlist they really enjoyed for seemingly no reason.

Below i'll include some gyazo's of this weeks playlists, showing the days the songs were added (which isn't monday for the second).


Playlist 1 (updated on monday, saved to a seperate playlist on Monday, 28/5/18):


Playlist 2 (As you can see, it says added 3 days ago, which, as today is 1/6/18, was Tuesday 29/5/18):

Who Me Too'd this topic