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Shuffle disables itself







Samsung Galaxy 8 Plus

Operating System

Android Oreo


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Hey. I'm having some issues with Spotify lately. I don't know why but for some reason I'm not able to shuffle any of my playlists anymore. For instance I'll play a song, then press shuffle, then I manually play another song (not the play next arrow) and suddenly shuffling gets disabled again. Why does this happen? Is this a bug or something? When I play a random song on a random album (not playlists, an actual Album from...whatever, Michael Jackson) shuffle does not get disabled at all. It only happens to the songs I play on my playlists. Why? How do I get rid of this "bug"? If I'm enabling shuffle it's because I want shuffle to function and do it's job. I don't want it to disable itself after manually changing songs. It really bothers me to the point where I don't even want to listen anymore because I keep hearing the same songs in the same order all the time. Would appreciate any help.

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