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No longer able to search in a playlist and shuffle play only the searched songs




 United States


Samsung Galaxy S9+

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 I used to be able to make a playlist with a bunch of different artists in the same genre and then when I'm in the mood for just one artist, search for them at the top of the mobile page and hit shuffle after, to play only the searched for songs, but I recently updated Spotify and now can't do this? Is this because of the update? Was it a removed feature and why? To me it is extremely useful because I don't need to have a million different playlists and I can include only the songs that I like from each artists, but have the option to shuffle the whole playlist or just the songs by artist I have inlcuded; which by the way is the main way and almost entire reason I use spotify over other media sources. After searching, if I wanted the whole playlist to shuffle play, then I wouldn't have bothered to do a search in the first place, I would have just hit shuffle playlist!!!

Who Me Too'd this topic