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Chromecast & Spotify - Devices Not Showing - BUG - No Service!?





(iPhone 6, Windows 10 PC)


Operating System

(iOS 11.4, Windows 10)


My Question or Issue

 10592 Post Views and Growing - still NO SERVICE.
I've also attempted contact with forum moderator with no reply. 

I have made a few posts on this Community Board with absolutely NO input/answer/acknowledgment/interest from anyone from Spotify despite having over 10,000 views and quite a few others expressing upset with a similar issue for over a month, so far.
Suffice to say, this is VERY disappointing, especially as I'd made effort to connect with the Facebook group for support and was given lip service. I've also made attempts to connect with Spotify directly over the phone and there's no option. There also seems to be no option available to report an issue/bug.
To top it off, I'm a Premium user who's paying for a monthly service. Disgruntled? Yes.


1) Device list truncated on iPhone. Cannot see all devices!
When attempting to cast from both iPhones (5s and 6) to Google Chromecast devices, the list is truncated and not all devices or groups are displayed.
Removing devices in Google Home (IOS) will allow other devices to display and be cast to.

Google Home (IOS) shows all devices. Works perfectly.
I-Heart-Radio (IOS) shows all devices. Works perfectly.
Google Play Music (IOS) shows all devices. Works perfectly.

3 x Google Chromecast Audio devices (latest versions)
1 x Google Chromecast (TV) connected to my LAN.
1 x iPhone 6 (latest OS)
1 x iPhone 5s (latest OS)
1 x Windows Computer (Windows 10 with latest updates)
1 x Regular home LAN configuration

Apps on IOS devices:
Google Home (IOS) - Latest
Spotify (IOS) - Latest
I-Heart-Radio (IOS) - Latest
Google Play Music (IOS) - Latest

2) Windows 10 PC with Spotify installed.
Not all Chromecast devices show when attempting to cast to devices.

Chromecast Desktop Audio Streamer - All devices show and work.

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