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Songs are keep getting deleted off my IPhone







Iphone 7

Operating System

IOS 11.4


My Question or Issue

 Songs are keep getting deleted. Since the last update Spotify deleted 200+ songs that were downloaded. but the worst thing is it keeps deleting them.  A few days ago 195 of my downloaded songs were deleted now it is 290. And also spotify refuses to use my internet speed which can download over 3megabytes a second but spotify downloades at 10-20kilobytes a second. It takes 5 min.+  to download  a single song.  Is it possible for me to use an older version of Spotify on my phone? I don't even know how that would work on IOS but I can't keep using spotify like this. At least give me a solution to make sure Spotify downloads things at the normal speed please.

I have more than enough space on my phone, Nobody else has acces to my account/phone, I have hooked my phone to my PC which is connected to the internet via ethernet. doesn't work. 

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