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Samsung Galaxy 8

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Over the past 2 weeks I've been encountering several bugs that are pretty annoying so I'm gonna try to explain/describe them as thoroughly as possible:

1. So the first bug basically is that when im on my phone but not in the app itself most of the time it doesn't show that Spotify is playing music, even though I'm listening to music. So because of this I can't switch songs when I'm not in the app and it doesn't stop the music when I'm watching other stuff like Youtube etc. And when it does show that I'm playing music and I am able to switch songs, it more often that not displays the wrong song (for example it shows me that I'm listening to a Drake song that listened to before, but gets stuck on that song so even though I'm already listening to a new song, it still displays the Drake one)

2. So the second issue is thankfully easier to explain: Basically the songs randomly pause without me doing anything

I've already tried reinstalling the app, but that only fixed the problems briefly 😞

Thanks in advance 🙂


Spotfiy version: armV7
Android version: 8.0.0


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