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Spotify remote controlling Sonos! (no wifi)

I’ve noticed recently that on occasion when in my car & attempting to use Spotify, I sometimes will get no sound through the car - this is usually when I recently have had Spotify app being directed to play through my sonos.

just happened to be that 3 days ago when this happened and my wife was at home - I had an alert on my car that my device volume was low, so I turned the volume on my phone to max - this proceeded to blast the sonos at full volume (playing my Spotify account). I was >5km from home & definitely not on wifi.

my wife, somewhat stunned, turned the volume back down - sometimes when I get no sound from Spotify through the car, skipping a song or restarting a song will fix this & then get sound through the car - this time though it was skipping songs through the sonos, so my wife was getting the same song playing repeatedly or skipping repeatedly along with regularly getting blasted at full volume & turn the volume down.


out of exasperation she rang me & asked if I was trying to play music in the car. After a moments confusion & subsquent hysterical laughter we worked out what was going on.

however even after the call (which was through the cars Bluetooth so my phone was definitely linked through my car) when I tried changing music etc again it continued to mess with the sonos at home - it wasn’t until I opened the Spotify app and hit “devices” to select the cars Bluetooth that it disconnected from the sonos at home.


overall it remote controlled the home sonos for ~30minutes & had full control. Unsure if this is a Spotify or Sonos issue, but it only happens when i have been using my Spotify to play through the sonos.


Anyone shed light on this??







Iphone8. Car Bluetooth: BMW. Sonos Play:5

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