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Spotify holding my storage hostage






Samsung Galaxy J7

Operating System

Android 7.0


My Question or Issue

 The Spotify app on my phone just decided it didn't want to recognize the 15GB of files it had saved on my phone. The app won't read them, it won't delete them, they don't show up on the folder when I open it on pc, it just sits there, wasting 15GB of my hard drive for nothing. Better yet, the app also decided that it does not want me to save files to my SD Card either (he also dumped 13GB of useless junk on it as well), so I have no way of downloading all my music again.

I tried deleting the cache, asking for the app to delete the files, trying to delete the files from phone's setting menu, uninstalling the app, and, as I said, tried to look for the files using a PC.


This is not the first time I had this issue, the other time the only solution that worked was formating my phone.


*The images show my phone settings screen, showing the space Spotify takes up, and the app screen pretending it didn't save anything.


Who Me Too'd this topic