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Display name Spotify in numbers: front and last name an option?

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Hi there!


When I created my Spotify account decades ago, I created it with my Facebook account. When I deleted my Facebook profile, my Spotify account didn't display my front and last name anymore, but a bunch of (random?) numbers.


Is it possible to get my front and last name visible again in my profile? I know you can't change your account name, but maybe there is something possible in the display / profile name? Friends can't search me anymore in Spotify and it looks just kinda stupid.


I've tried the option to connect my (new) Facebook account again, but it doesn't even show the "connect with Facebook" button anymore. If I try another account (my boyfriends for example), this option does appear. Weird right?


Any hope left for my account? I know I can create a new one, but it kinda sucks that I can't seem to fix it in my existing account 😉


Thanks for the help guys!


Kinds regards,






Free (but want to go Premium if I can fix this problem lol)





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Android, Windows 10



Who Me Too'd this topic