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Spotify Isn't Displaying My Facebook Name






Laptop and Andriod Phone

Operating System

Windows 10 and Andriod Marshmellow


My Question or Issue

 I recently read that if I connect my Facebook account to my Spotify account, my Facebook name will be displayed on my Spotify profile instead of my original Spotify name. So I tried this, and successfully connected my accounts. But for some reason my Spotify display name has not changed to my Facebook name.

I read on this support page ( that "It can take up to 24 hours for the changes to be visible." It's been a month now, and no change. I tried connecting my accounts through both my PC and my Android Spotify apps, and neither one seems to have worked. I checked and the two accounts are still connected. I can successfully log in into Spotify using my Facebook account too. But for some reason that name won't change.


So I guess long story short: Why has my Spotify display name not changed to my Facebook name?

Who Me Too'd this topic