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App has become very buggy recently.

Casual Listener






Huawei mate 10 pro

Operating System

Android 8


My Question or Issue

 My app has become really user unfriendly of late, possibly since the last update. I've reinstalled and tried force quitting. I've also switched off any screen overlays. Nothing has helped. 


Issues include... 


Sound reverts to speaker when I unplug my headphones. 


Playback pauses even with no interaction from me or any of my devices seemingly at random. 


Spotify widget is laggy, often crashes, and usually displays the wrong song information


Add to queue function is completely out of action. The app displays that songs have been added to the queue but when you open the now playing queue it just displays whatever album or playlist you last chose a song from. Anything from another artist/album/playlist will not be visible.


Shuffle has become highly repetitive and seems to choose the same songs and artists more frequently, covering only a small section of my saved songs rather than the full breadth. I have to manually choose another new song to force the app to change things up a little. 

Who Me Too'd this topic