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Strange Chrome Web Player changing my current song

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My Question or Issue
Yesterday and today I've noticed that beside my laptop and phone devices connected to Spotify there is also strange Web Chrome Player and I don't use Chrome Player at all at the time. Real strange thing was - this Chrome Player was changing songs that I've been listening to some spanish old hits. I've checked last.fm history and it was not listening this songs whole night but only when I was running app on PC or phone (or changing it after 20 secs) - and it didn't switch to listening on it but keep playing songs on my devices (not switching source of sound at all).

I've changed my password both on Spotify and Facebook that is also connected to Spotify Account and logged off on all devices connected both to Spotify and Facebook, but after I log in to Spotify on phone the Web Chrome Player was already there still changing songs to spanish old hits.

After ~30 minutes Web Chrome Player dissapear (probably the session was destroyed on that device) and now I am free from old spanish hits 😄

But few questiones:
- Is there a possiblity to have such a virus or bot? Even there was no Chrome opened at any my device?
- Why after changing passwords and login out on all devices after change Web Chrome Player was still for 30 minutes logged?
- What more should I do to protect my account?
- Why old spanish hits?!


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