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password reset not working.




The Netherlands



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A week ago I noticed I was logged out of my spotify account, so I tried logging back in with the 99,9% sure right login credentials but I couldn't get in. I thought no big deal and tried the e-mail reset. I put in my e-mail and tried it even tried it with username. The reset password tab said that a mail has with instructions has been send to my e-mail. But when I checked my mail there was nothing there. I've tried it multiple times and even made a support ticket. To my surprise I did receive a mail with an automated answer with the link to the same password reset tab that didn't work before. So I can still receive mails from spotify but not the reset password mail.


(I had to make this account just so I could make this post, so this is not the account I'm locked out off.)


If anyone can help me or knows a solution I would love to hear it.


Thank you.



Who Me Too'd this topic