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CarPlay limiting lists to 200 items REALLY REALLY upset

Well.. first of all sorry for my 'bad' english as i am French Canadian


i just got a brand new Nissan Murano 2018 and 'was' happy to think all the music

i would listen in my car with my new Iphone 8 and my new family account i just paid for my son and daughter...


then when i tried to connect with apple Carplay and choose all the music on my little screen...i just figured out ALL my playlist disapeared but only 200 songs .


i was....wth is going on... so i started looking on the web and just found out


IT IS SPOTIFY limiting only the first 200 songs...


then i looked the user agreement and NOWHERE it says i will be limited to only 200 songs in carplay


CAN you explain to me WHY i need to USE my phone with my hand to change music in my car and maybe get a 600$ ticket in Canada ????


i am REALLY thinking cancelling my subscription right now and go to Apple Music



Who Me Too'd this topic