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Account used by someone else, resetting password doesn't help


Nor does signing out everywhere help.


A week ago I realized my account was compromised. I immediately changed password and signed out on all devices. I contacted Spotify too because I'd like to know where this compromise come from. All I knew was that they used "web player" on a Firefox browser. Spotify couldn't do anything other than what I already did and asked me to contact the local authorities (as if they'd help with a Spotify crime). 


Now today it's being compromised again, and by the same person (same music being listened to). I'm very secure online, and has never experienced a breach on other online accounts before. The new password I use is only ever used for Spotify. I'm using two devices (desktop and phone) which are both protected by Kaspersky Premium. Likewise, I'm quite aware about my activities online. In other words, I simply don't believe I'm infected with a keylogger. 


I feel very powerless, and I wanted to ask if someone has experienced the same issue and perhaps has a solution. If nothing changes I will probably request to terminate my account and use another platform, it feels quite offensive that someone else is using my account and even more that I can't do anything about it.


Some additional information: It seems like the hacker isn't even affected by all the steps I take to secure my account. He just continue playing music as if nothing has happened. He doesn't try to change my account information. My account isn't connected to Facebook.

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