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Amazon Echo Multi-Room Music groups not appearing in Spotify Connect

I have 3 Amazon Echo devices in my home, all of which individually appear in Spotify Connect. I set up a few groups through the Alexa app, one that includes all three Echos, and two more containing different combinations. However Spotify Connect will only display one group at a time.



Above, only the Everywhere group containing all three Echos appears in Spotify Connect. If I switch to that group it's still the only group that appears:


If I ask Alexa to switch Spotify to one of the unlisted groups, she can do that, and then only that group will appear:



Is there a reason Spotify Connect will only display one speaker group at a time? I know the other groups work, as Alexa can utilize them to playback Spotify content. Is this an issue with Spotify Connect? Or is Amazon somehow to blame?


Plan Premium

Country US

Devices Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, iPhone 8, iMac

Operating Systems Echo SW 618571520, iOS 12.0.1, macOS Mojave 10.14


Who Me Too'd this topic