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My Daily Made for You playlists 1-6 never load unable to use

Gig Goer

I've been having this problem intermittently from day 1 but it usually wasnt enough to go looking for answers until now

I've been using Samsung Galaxy S7,s7 edge, Note 5,Note 8 and now the new note 9. 


Wasnt until the last few months of the note 8 that it was more of a problem. I usually always can get my discover weekly and new releases to load. But now I cant get daily mix 1 through 6 to load i always get "something went wrong please try again later" etc except discover and new releases mixes. 

I've tried all of the known troubleshooting steps on device side and what I can on spotify's  side (and some just to try hoping it was something dumb) but i cant get them to load at all still.


Premium long time member and community member


Android 8.1 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 8gb/512gb  (No Root. Stock basically)


Has anyone esle have this problem or a fix? I noticed other Samsung users having problems a while back after searching for answers here.





Who Me Too'd this topic