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Spotify iOS keeps "forgetting" where I left off in playlists when returning to the app after awhile







iPhone 6S Plus

Operating System

iOS 12.0.1


My Question or Issue

 Ever since I've upgraded to iOS 12, I've noticed a very annoying bug.  It used to be in iOS 11 or before that I'd be able to leave Spotify, use other apps or do other things for awhile, and come back to Spotify later and pick up where I left off in a playlist, complete with remembering shuffle and repeat settings.


Now, when I come back to Spotify, half the time I find that where I was and what song I was playing before leaving the app is forgotten, the playlist isn't active anymore, and Shuffle/Repeat are completely reset to be off.  This is extremely annoying and has gotten to be constant over the last month or so.  Incredibly frustrating when in the middle of a long playlist as well without shuffle.


Is this something to do with iOS's updates to the OS itself, or did something break about the same time iOS 12 came out?

Who Me Too'd this topic