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Lot of duplicate song in my Library


Hi everyone,


I recently noticed that I have a lot a duplicate in my Library in a way I don't understand.


For exemple I saved an album from the artist "La Femme" and in my Library I've two album. The first one is the full saved album and the other one only two tracks. But the most interesting things is when I go the the artist profile page, I can see only one album and this one seam to be linked with my two-tracks-saved-album. 


I'm wondering how the first full saved album can be saved, to which element it's linked and how to avoid this type of behaviour and how to clean my library (lot of question sorry). 


This is an exemple but I've lot of duplicate and the worst thing is that the curated playlist suggest me music I already saved but with not linked to the item on my library. So I'm saving it and after I've two (or more) same songs. 


Thanks a lot for your help.

Who Me Too'd this topic