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Can't Play Certain Songs From Albums







Google Pixel 2

Operating System

Android 9


My Question or Issue

 The biggest issue I have with non-playable songs is with the Disney Tangled album. I can't play any of the songs sung by Mandy Moore or Zachary Levi on that album. They appear there but won't play when I click on them. The score and the songs sung by Donna I can play but not any other ones. 


I've tried reinstalling but I've had this problem over multiple devices for over a year now. I recently found out that one of my friends can play the songs without any issues so it seems it's only a problem with my account. 


Couldn't find anyone else in the community who has the same problem but if anyone knows how to fix it, it'd be a huge help! Would love to be able to sing to my heart's content once again! Thank you! 

Who Me Too'd this topic

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