Spotify Pausing or Skipping Tracks Randomly with Chromecast Ultra








Google Pixel 2 XL


Operating System

Android 9.0 


My Question or Issue


Hi Spotify, 


When listening to music on my Chromecast Ultra, Spotify will pause randomly, for about 20 seconds, then continue to play. My connection and speeds are stable. 


It was happening when I was listening to this playlist that I've been working on:


I don't think the playlist is related to the issue, but its worth linking it to see if it replicates on your systems. 


I'm hoping this gets fixed soon. It was working fine up until two-three weeks ago. I've had to start streaming my music to other devices instead. Again, it will just randomly pause in the middle of a song. Or, it will just pause, stay paused for a little while, then skip to the next song. I've tried unplugging/restarting the chromecast but that hasn't fixed the problem. 


This issue happens sometimes when listening to music in my car (through my phone), although it happens much less often. 




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