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Repeat Enabled Automatically When Connected to Car



iPhone 7, always latest version of iOS and Spotify

Operating System

iOS 10


This is an issue that was discussed for months, and finally solved back in April. But it seems with the latest update, it's back, and it's driving me nuts even more this time around. Here's the old thread, which is now closed.


When my phone connects to my car, via Bluetooth or AUX, repeat is enabled automatically, the second the connection is made. This happens every single time, without fail. I don't ever want repeat enabled, so this is a major nuisance for me. Once it's enabled on my phone, it caries through to other devices.


I've gone through several rounds of troubleshooting over the months via this community, direct support, and Twitter support. It is not an issue with my device or my vehicle, it is a software issue. It was resolved for a while, and now it's back.


Who Me Too'd this topic