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Chrome And Web Player - High CPU Consumption.



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Operating System

Windows 10, 1809, 64bit

Chrome 70.0.3538.110 64bit (problem started from older..)

My Question or Issue

 I am running my Chrome, surfing the web all looks good... then i decide to open spotify web player, i barely started the first song... i worked a bit with my PC and everything loading sooooo slow! The i open task manager and i saw from Chrome 75% CPU USAGE and Very high in Power Usage. I close spotify webplayer all went normal again... everything has fast response. I opening again Spotify web player the the same happens again... and boom! A blue screen with error witch caused by the hi usage of CPU(PC not overclocked/all are stock).
I restart my PC i run all the antivirus programs i have nothing found, the registry, had no errors, ABSOLUTELY everything in perfect .
conditionAt that pc i have 64gb RAM at 3200Mhz, 4,3Ghz CPU with 8 cores 16 threads. All drivers updated updated, No adblock, No VPN.

I left spotify i went to other stream service and stayed there because i didn't had the same issue.


I went home i opened my PC there, all the same as the above in hardware except the RAM is 128gb, no OC, no viruses, all normal.

And i had the same issue. I went incognito but the same...


Tried and in Laptop, same there.


I don't know what changes you made at the spotify web player but is awfull and you have to look at it. My friends confirmed the same problem at their pcs.


So i canceled the subscription to not pay this month for a problematic product. I am using other Service.


If you figure out what was the lame thing you did and fix it then give me a call.


For now,


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