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Songs stop playing 10 seconds in

Casual Listener







Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Operating System

Android 8.1.0


My Question or Issue

 New to Spotify, worked great at first, but lately almost every time I listen to music it stops playing the song 10 seconds in. Usually happens when playing through another device (Bluetooth, Google Home, etc.).

It's incredibly frustrating, and in researching I have found a few posts about this issue here and there, some going back to 2016. Will this resolve itself? Is it a bad update Spotify is working on, or am I doing something wrong? Can I try anything more to make it work?


I have already tried:

- Log out and in.

- Uninstall and reinstall.

- Rebooting the phone (at the same time I tried the full Uninstall).


All my music is downloaded for offline listening, and it occurs in any playlist, library, etc.


I find it hard to believe I'm paying premium prices for a service that I can't even use, and I'm a new user, so this is basically my first impression of Spotify.


Any help would be amazing!


Who Me Too'd this topic