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No Internet connection available error - Even though I have internet







Oneplus 5T

Operating System

Android 8.1.0. OxygenOS-version 5.1.7. 

Service Provider: Callme / Telia


My Question or Issue 

My problem is that Spotify is sending the error ´No Internet connection available` on my Oneplus phone even though I have full internet. I have tried everything (see list below) and after a full reinstall Spotify actually works for 5-20 minutes until it sends the same error again. The problem has been like this for some time now but it workend fine the first few months after I got the phone. Spotify is working as supposed to on my desktop and laptop. 


I have tried

- Reinstalling spotify is making it work again and then it´s working for 5-20 minutes before making the same error again.
- Clearing data in settings doesn´t help. 
- Changing protocol from IPv4 til IPv4/IPv6 doesn´t help
- I have tried on different WIFI´s and on normal cellular

- I have closed all apps, cleared data and rebootet the phone
- Tried 2.4 ghz wifi and 5 ghz WIFI
- Uninstalled Facebook and Spotify and changed my password on Facebook (using FB as my profile)
- Also I´am not not in offline mode


I really hope that the community or the Spotify support staff can help me. 


Best regards


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