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Spotify Xbox One App: SEVERE audio issues

I was excited to try out the latest update of the Spotify Xbox One app that now includes Cortana voice support (v 2.21.0) but I was mortified by the quality of the audio that is coming out of this new version.


As of this update, all music is being severely over-compressed/limited, sometimes distorted and overall sounds horrible. I've looked to see if there are any volume normalization "features" that can be disabled (as the desktop version has) but it doesn't look like any such options exist for this version of the app. (Playback quality is another option that is missing and by what I heard, I wouldn't be surprised if a low bit rate was being used based on what I am hearing.)


As another troubleshooting step, I tried adjusting the game/music balance controls for Spotify in the Xbox menu and while setting the slider to favor "game" ("music" set to around 40%) offers slight relief from the worst artifacts, it is nowhere near acceptable.


The prior version of the app, while missing the new features did not have this devastating effect on the music being played.


I'm sure that many people such as myself are using their Xbox as a primary home media playback device connected to a quality sound system. The audio experience of this "update" is simply unsatisfactory. Please fix!!


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