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Windows Phone 8 - Spotify Needs Update

Hello, I recently switched from iOS to Windows Phone 8. I bought a Nokia Lumia 822. The first application I downloaded was Spotify. However, I've noticed that the app is far from up-to-date. It seems like Spotify has forgotten us at Windows Phone. The app does not have radio, and has a TON of bugs, including: Playback being lost, slow connection, and other minimal bugs.

It's kind of an annoyance. There's times where I get sick of my playlists, and want to listen to the Spotify Radio, but can't. If I'm paying for premium, I'd like to get the full experience, like iOS and Android users are getting.

The app on the Windows Marketplace for Windows Phone defiantly needs an update to fix bugs, and add features like radio.



Christopher, Windows Phone User

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