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No sound on Yamaha RX-A750

Casual Listener


Hi. For more than a year, I have a Yamaha RX-A750 stereo installation with Spotify Connect and everything has worked fine until last week. Suddenly, there is just no sound anymore. On my phone it says it's connected, on the stereo I can read the artist and the song, but the Yamaha just doesn't give any sound at all. The tuner still works fine on the Yamaha and I have also tried to play songs from another phone or from the desktop, but with no result. The speakers are also not the problem: the tuner function on the radio still works fine.


Good to mention is that I also tried to connect with Bluetooth this week, which I have never done before, and that gives the same problem: it says it's connected, but no sound.


Some additional information: I live in the Netherlands, have Spotify Premium and the Spotify app is up to date on every device.


Does anybody have suggestions on how to solve this problem?


Who Me Too'd this topic