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local files not downloading to ipod/iphone.



Family Premium




iPhone 8, iPod touch


Operating System

ios 12.1


My Question or Issue

 Sick and tired of this!  For over a year I've had hundreds of local files greyed out.  I own the files (generally downloaded from itunes or ripped from CD) and can play them on my desktop but can't send them to my devices.  Cartain tracks which aren't greyed out won't appear in play lists either!  I've checked my firewall is allowing Spotify, I've moved songs to different file locations, i've unistalled spotify from my Windows PC twice.

One album by the Macc Lads which isn't available on Spotify I have ripped to my PC...  all tracks are listed on the desktop playlist but only 9 out of 19 tracks appear in my iphone playlist.

I've asked questions on here before and Spotify support couldn't help and I've asked an IT proffesional who was stumped.

Going to have to cancel Spotify if there isn't a solution.

Who Me Too'd this topic