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2018 Wrapped will not work







Huawei Mate S; Iphone 6s; laptop/PC

Operating System

Android Lollipop; iOS 12;  Windows 10


My Question or Issue

 Spotify wrapped doesn't work on any of the devices listed above. I go to https://spotifywrapped.com/ . "Your 2018 Wrapped" and "Take a look at how you listened. Because no one else listened exactly like you." come up. I click on "Connect with Spotify". I press on "Okay" to proceed with the login process. The message that comes up is:

"Hmmmmm. Something's not working, so sorry about that. We'll work on it and please try again soon."  and it's giving me the option "Go to Spotify"

I've tried with 2 different accounts on all of the devices listed above. Both accounts are subscribed to premium. Both accounts are in Romania. The only account I'm having issues with is mine. When logging in with the other account everything works as supposed to. 

Please help 😞 Thanks in advance!

Who Me Too'd this topic