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Sort playlist thing + bug







Moto Z2 Play

Operating System

Android 8.0


I got really disappointed with the last update, I ALWAYS used the dropdown to sort my playlists and even to remember wich are the new songs that I added, now the dropdown is gone, it was of easy acces and straight forward, but now you have to scroll up, click on the 3 dots, scroll down again, find the option and then sort the playlist the way you want, this is messed up, why would they complicate things? I really don't get it. Besides this, theres a bug now, it happens 90% of the time I try to sort the order of a playlist, if I click one time for example to sort by title, it will work fine, but if I do it again to invert the order, it does not work, the arrow changes direction but the sorting will remain the same. The main thing I wanted to ask, if someone from the development is seeing this, bring back the dropdown option to sort the playlists, I bet a lot of people also use it everyday and now its just over complicated to do it. Thanks!

Who Me Too'd this topic