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Don’t recognize recently played music


Hi, all.


Can’t find any way to contact Spotify (without any social accounts), so must try here.


My Recently Played music is packed with hip-hop and meditation-type music, stuff I rarely (once every 3. year?) listen to. So is my Heavy Rotation; Sounds of Nature, Urban Gangster Beats and Shanti...? I listen to synth pop and the likes of Coldplay...! 😄


No one but me have been given access to my Spotify account, and have not had issues with “Your account is being used on another device”.


Any one else experienced this? Is there anywhere I can browse logs for connected devices, IP’s etc? Am getting a bit paranoid here... 😉


Subscription: Spotify Premium Family (no my wife never listens to this music either 😉 )



Kind regards,



Who Me Too'd this topic