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How was my account compromised / hacked?


So, this evening we were having issues with Alexa; pausing, stopping & generally not playing ball. She was also occasionally waking up for no apparent reason etc. We thought not much of it as this is a new to us 'gen 3' and I put it down to an ultra senstive mic; something for me to moan at Amazon about next time I get a chance.


However, whilst eating the background music kept changing/stopping. All done via 'web browser'. I didnt think much of it.


I logged into my Spotify account and ''Admin'' was playing the music. I kept changing this back over to 'me' playing to 'echo dot'.


After doing this a few times I got a ''Search result of ''go F*** Yourself'' is now playing to Dot". Not ideal when I am eating dinner with my family & the lyrics are such....


Now my username is very unique to my spotify account, and my password good - but used elsewhere.


What I want to know; Is there a way I can work out what device/rough location has played to my Spotify account/logged in? The same way Netflix etc does.


How else could this have happened? Having had issues with Netflix several months ago I am now ruthless with my login credentials.


Who is ''Admin'' and why that username? Is that one they have created themselves or something deeper?




edit: I have changed password, forced all devices to log in etc etc 

Who Me Too'd this topic