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 About a month ago I started having a playlist that I didn't make appear in my heavy rotation, and the web player would open itself and play random music, sometimes to the point that I'd turn my phone on after not using for hours, and Spotify would be on, playing music I didn't put on, and it had drained my battery.            I looked here to find help because it was I had been hacked, and found other people were having the same issues, with Spotify staff giving them the same generic answer that it was probably an issue with their Facebook security or they had let someone else connect a device to their account and never logged out, even when they specified they neither had Facebook or had connected to a device, and trying to tell them that Spotify hadn't been hacked.


I don't have Facebook linked to my account in any way as I don't use it, and haven't connected to a device,  I had a unique password only for Spotify, so I don't know how they accessed my account. So I followed the directions to change passwords and signed out everywhere, and even went as far as changing my google account and email passwords.                         I  just opened my Spotify and... they're back. What else can I do?! It's so obviously a random playlist of shitty bands that have payed someone to generate traffic for them. Is there anyway to report the playlist and the user who created it themselves? How can I get my account back? It's so frustrating having this playlist appear on my Spotify homepage when it's nothing like what I listen to and not mine. I just want my account left alone.




Who Me Too'd this topic