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Local files on desktop not syncing to Iphone



Country: USA



Iphone 8, Mac Pro (desktop computer)

Operating System

Mac OS Sierra


My Question or Issue

Spotify on my computer has playlists entirely made up of songs from my local files. These playlists used to play fine on my iPhone. Suddenly, they don't even show up in the playlist. It does say the number of songs in the playlist on the iPhone, but when I press it, there's not even greyed out songs?? I have these mp3s synced onto my iTunes app, I know these songs are on my phone.


Spotify is really pissing me off. This has been posted dozens of times and nobody has an answer. Seems like a pretty basic function and it has been defunct for a long time. I bet a lot of people have moved over to Apple music for this issue alone.


Who Me Too'd this topic