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Alexa always chooses obscure cover versions of titles


The main way that I use Spotify is requesting music by Alexa voice control. Unfortunately I have an extremely annoying problem with it: If I request a song by title, Alexa+Spotify usually chooses the most obscure possible cover version instead of the popular version of the title (e.g., how would you like to hear the bagpipes-only version of that popular rock ballad from the 90s?). Ok, usually I can stop it and make a more specific request by artist (assuming I remember the artist name correctly), but even then I may get an obscure live version instead of the popular version. This is unlike using the Spotify app or web player, where it lists the versions of the title in order of popularity. I can't find any way to override this behavior, and I'm finding it so frustrating that's going to end up driving me to a different music service when my Spotify subscription runs out.


I haven't had any luck finding a solution in the Amazon/Alexa forums. Has anyone here got any suggestions about how to fix this?

Who Me Too'd this topic