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Android auto - albums refuse to load

I'm having an issue despite the latest updates where when trying to browse the 'Your Library' > 'Albums' section in my Seat Leon via android auto on my Samsung S8 plus, that it constantly and perpetually shows the loading spinning circle for albums, songs/artists load fine, but albums do not.


Here's what I've tried:


1. Phone reset (and restore - so possibly some faulty phone settings? ) - android auto and Spotify both have all app permissions available. I ideally don't want to keep factory resetting my phone. 


2. Cleared Spotify data and reinstalled the app as per official instructions mentioned on the help pages for android devices. So a hard reset and hard reinstall essentially.


3. Just waited for the album loading screen in the hope that it would load but it eventually disappears on my car screen and I'm left with a blank black background. 


4. Tried removing/adding albums thinking it was a strange bug in the count or amount of albums spotify/android auto could load. 


None of the above have worked - any insights would be appreciated because frankly, it's ridiculous not being able to browse via album after so many app updates. 







Who Me Too'd this topic