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iOS Update Flaws - Version

Casual Listener

Plan: Premium

Country: Australia

Device: iPhone SE

Operating System: iOS 12

My Question or Issue:

The new update (which was automatically installed without me realising) has removed the small arrow at the bottom left of the screen which allows you to view song information and get to the queue (see photos). It has been replaced with the heart to save songs (also I preferred it as a tick but that's beside the point), and it is quite fiddly to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to view the song info screen. Not only is it now inconvenient to access this screen, but the placement of the save/unsave button makes it extremely easy to accidentally unsave a song, meaning I have to save it again, where it is now placed at the top of the saved list (and often means I have to download the song again). Is there a way I can either go back to the previous version, or change the UI back to the arrow? It would also be nice if I could revert to the "plus and tick" interface for saving songs, but that's merely a cosmetic preference.

Thank you!

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