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Changes to Artist Radio







Samsung Note 9

Operating System

Android Oreo


I was always able to search an artist, click their profile, go to the artist's radio station and hit "follow." Within that station, it continually played similar music and the tracks would keep updating. Basically I could listen to it continuously. It also has the thumbs up thumbs down buttons. Then Spotify came out with artist radio playlists which were basically just playlists. I couldn't alter these in anyway and they have an endpoint. Now the "follow" button is no longer there for the artist radio station through their profile. I went into the stations in my library and when I click on any of them it goes to the Spotify artist radio playlist even if I never followed it. I'm really disappointed because I loved the actual artist stations and being able to thumbs up/down tracks. I also love that I could follow those stations and it added to my stations in my library for quick access. Was something updated recently and us anyone else having this issue?


Who Me Too'd this topic