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Car view for Android users


March 5, 2019: 


Starting today all Premium users on Android will see a new feature while in car view.


Now it’s easier to change and view content directly from the car view.


carMode_rollout 3.gif


From the car view, just tap or swipe on the “CHOOSE MUSIC” area at the bottom.


You’ll then see a list of recommended playlists to change to, with the current playing context centered in the middle.


By tapping or swiping you can select another playlist, and it will start playing immediately.


Please post in the Android section of the Community if you have any questions. Any feature improvements or suggestions should go directly to the Spotify Idea Exchange.


January 17, 2019: This week Spotify launched car view--a simpler Now Playing view that allows for easier use when listening to Spotify in your car over Bluetooth. Now, available globally to all Android users, car view can help make listening to your music and podcasts more enjoyable.


When you connect to your car’s Bluetooth, the car view is enabled automatically as your music or podcast starts playing.


To search tap Your Library, Browse or Search. Once you’re listening you can use the seek bar to skip to another part of the song/episode. Free users will be able to enjoy the experience via shuffle mode.


You or another car passenger can opt out temporarily (until you next connect to a car) directly from the car view by clicking the three dots menu. You can also opt out of the feature permanently from within your Spotify settings.


We’ve highlighted some top questions you might have below. Be sure to comment in this thread if you have any other questions. For feature requests or changes to car view post an idea in the Spotify Idea Exchange here.


Q: Why don’t I see this feature yet?

A: Ths is rolling out to all Android users globally. If you don’t see it yet you will soon.


Q: Can I use the feature if I connect to Spotify via AUX cable in the car?

A: No, currently this feature only works if you connect to a Bluetooth speaker in the car.


Q: Is landscape mode also supported?

A: Yes, landscape mode is also supported.


Q: When will this be available for iOS?

A: As soon as we have an update on this feature rolling out to other devices we will let you know here.


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