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Layout update gets even WORSE (version

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I previously posted on the awful changes that occurred with Android app update version


Well, I just received and installed the newest update ( I had hoped that the mess Spotify created would be corrected, but that is not the case.


Instead, it has gotten worse. After entering the name of an artist in Search, and you land upon that artist's page, the only categories you see are: "Popular", "Popular releases", "Featuring...", "Fans also like", "Appears on", "About", "On Tour", and "Offers". 


The horizontal scrolling seems to have been eliminated. 


The most serious problem is that when you tap "See Discography" (which seems to have replaced "See More") - again, NOTHING HAPPENS. Furthermore, there simply isn't a full listing of an artist's *chronological* listing of Albums, Singles, Compilations, and Playlists - whereas there was BEFORE these last two updates. Absolutely awful, Spotify what in the **bleep** have you done!! 

Who Me Too'd this topic