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Independent Playlist Curators "Take actions in Spotify on your behalf"

Hello all,

In researching available Playlists and Curators, we often come across independent curators who ask for a variety of steps to be taken (re: follow the playlist, add a song to your library, etc.).  Following this string, there is often a webpage from Spotify that asserts the following:


You agree that (Such and Such Curator) will be able to: 

  • View your Spotify account data
    • Your email
    • Your public playlists, who you follow and who is following you

  • Take actions in Spotify on your behalf
    • Add and remove items in Your Library
    • Manage who you follow on Spotify
    • Create, edit, and follow playlists

It just seems a bit funky to allow these power users to 'add/remove' from your Library, to 'manage who you follow' and to then 'create, edit and follow playlists' on your behalf..???


Hoping folks have experience with this.  Is Spotify aware how rampant this is amongst popular playlists curators?  Is there any controls we can put in place to combat any malicious behaviour on their behalf..?  These are all very popular Playlists and so it is tempting to try - but those terms seem... iffy..?  😉


Am I being too naive / careful..?  


Thanks for your help and guidance, folks!

The Shyp

Who Me Too'd this topic