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Spotify Connect pauses after 1 hour, restarts after 5 minutes

Casual Listener

Plan Premium


Devices: Windows PC, Iphone 7, IPad Pro, Denon AVR900SW

OS: Windows 10, IOS 12


After approximately 1 hour of playing music, the music stops and the App no longer shows I'm listening on my AVR.

After approximately 5 minutes, the music restarts and the App once again shows I'm listening on my AVR. 

This disconnect/reconnect behavior happens consistently all day every hour. It happens regardless of whether I'm usisng the Windows or the IOS Spotify App. I haven't tested for it with other Connect devices.


During this paused period I can restablish the Spotify Connect to my AVR manually, but it is flaky and slow. If I get impatient and click on the AVR too many times, it can get confused and require me to reboot the AVR. So its safer to wait.


This behavior is so consistent that it must be programmed, but by whom. Spotify? Denon? My ISP? My Router?


 Please let me know if you are experiencing this behavior. As of yet I have not found any other reports of this specific consistent pausing.


Addendum 1:

A Spotify Connect request is made and music is played and monitored by a Spotify App.

Network Setup:

1. a) Spotify App on Windows computer via Wi-fi to local Network,


   b) Spotify App on IOS device via Wi-fi  to local Network.

Then local Network via Ethernet cable to Denon A/V Reciever as Spotify Connect Device.


2. Same App setup as above to local Network.

Then local Network via Ethernet cable to Roku as Spotify Connect Device.

Then Roku via HDMI cable to Denon AVR.

Note: Roku is functioning only as a Spotify Connect device. It's Spotify App is not "Signed in." 

           Correction: Though Roku is functioning as a Spotify Connect device, it is signed in to the Spotify App.


The pausing behavior hasn't been detected -- as of yet after running for a couple of hours -- under Network Setup 2.


Under scenario 1.a) the following can be observed on the Windows Computer. After approx. 1 hour the music pauses and the Devices Available popup in the Spotify App associates "Listening On" with "This Computer" while the Denon AVR drops in and out of the Devices Available list. After approx. 5 minutes the "Listening On" reassociates with the Denon AVR and the music resumes where it left off.  While on the IOS device the Spotify App associates "Listening On" with "This iPhone" and the song it shows playing is different (apparently because it was sleeping when the Windows Computer last intiated the Connect request and started playing a different set of songs). The Devices Available list on the iPhone constantly shows the Denon AVR (no dropping behavior as on the Windows Computer) and reassociates "Listening On" to Denon at the same time the Windows Computer does.


Currently trying 1.b) with Spotify App on the Windows Computer signed out. (Will update here later).


Addendum 2.

The same odd pause/resume behavior occurs with Network Setup 1.b) (while signed out of Spotify App on Windows Computer). The only thing different from 1.a) is that the the Denon AVR does not drop in and out of the Devices Available list on the iPhone. After approx. 5 minutes the Denon AVR is reassociated with "Listening On" in the iPhone's Devices Available list and the music resumes.

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