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Bluetooth connection or exiting the app freezes music playback






iPhone 6

Operating System

iOS 12.1.3


My Issue

Whenever I connect to a Bluetooth device (either headphones or car stereo, typically), the app freezes playback and I have to restart it, which takes about a minute each time. When the app is in this state I can navigate it just fine, but when I press the play button nothing happens. I don't believe this happens when playing music through just my phone speakers. It sometimes happens when connecting to my Apple TV, but only occasionally and I don't use that as much. This issue only started happening recently (past month or so) and it's absolutely ridiculous since I use Bluetooth headphones/speakers almost exclusively. Has anyone found a fix or is this a known bug being worked on?


Edit: The freeze issue has also happened if I'm playing music and then I exit the app and play something else with audio (such as a short Youtube video on Reddit). My Spotify music won't resume like it used to in previous versions and the app freezes, so I have to restart the app. Essentially, if Spotify isn't the only app I use all day, then it freezes. I tried deleting the app, redownloading it, and restarting my phone, none of which have worked. I downloaded v8.4.91 that lordlamer said works better, so I'll try that out and update this post in a few days or so with my results.


Edit 2 (Feb 26, 2019): Per the solution I accepted below, after updating the app I've definitely had less issues with the restart problem. It's still not perfect, but it's been noticeably better.

Who Me Too'd this topic